Fuorisalone for Milanoincontemporanea: the coolest events



Here’s our resume about Fuorisalone in Milan

The last thing that we recommend not to miss is happy hour Absolut Worlds Nights

But, what did it happen in these previous days? 

Second day of our adventure during Fuori Salone in Milan.

Don’t forget to visit Università Statale (underground stop Missori): Filarete’s archs will be filled by exhibitions, light plays – so it’s better see it during the evening/night.

If you didn’t visit the MINI events in zona Tortona, here you will find the setting up of the new crossover.

But Milan is full of events so we’ve decided to divide them by day and by night, with the “Day after” relating. 

SuperNatural Cardboard – dettagli di macro fauna per una nuova poesia urbana @ store Mauro Grifoni, 17, via Santo Spirito (from 14th to 19th April, from 10 to 19, on Thursady cocktail from 6pm to 10 pm).
The paperboard’ set up made by A4 design pass through the walls, come down from the ceiling and arise suggestively on 300sqm and 3 floors. This use of the paperboard shows how this material can be versatile and how the same use can create supernatural, environmentally friendly and technological effects.

In the fashion area of the city, from today until Saturday Milano Design has planned other events with some important fashion designers as Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, CommonUncommon, Domestic Couture, KiloHertz.

Be environmentally friendly is the command.

MAAP (Museo d’Arte Paolo Pini e Studio LAND), 16,via Varese, has create the THINK GREEN workshop of Fortunato D’Amico e Alessandra Coppa, in collaboration with Andreas Kipar and Leonardo Oprandi from LAND, Mauricio Cardenas – architect, Marica Moro – artist , Enza Baccei, Roberto Canella, Francesco Fregapane, Teresa Melorio, Umberto Nannelli, Enrica Ricci Ravizza, Franco Scacchi for MAPP sponsored by Gobbetto.
Projects and exhibitions placed in greenhouses as meeting between people- artists- professionals, all busy in building the contemporary city and landscape. But it’s also a moment to reassert the project value ad real instrument of change. The final result, the form, the expression of a content that must be showed, otherwise there’s a relegation of aesthetic values to a purely hedonistic, flirtatious and trendy design. (Il risultato finale, la forma, è l’espressione di un contenuto che deve essere esibito, pena la retrocessione dei valori estetici ad una lettura puramente edonistica, civettuola e modaiola, del design). From 5 pm to 6 pm, from today to Monday.

Coworking with the designers Lago, Mac 567 and Cowo, 18,via Imbonati, with their new style of work where professionals and independent workers share a place to rationalize costs and resources and to come out from the professional isolation for entering into relationships with other professionals and talent. Coworking is free during this design- week, with a Camp on Saturday 17th.And for the happy hour, what about a chocolate snack?
Choco cards from the architect Eugenio Guarducci, Chocopower, created by Odoardo Fioravanti in 2007, “Greedmeter” and the famous Cazzuola from Giulio Iacchetti will be offered in the Alice in Wonderland exhibition, organized by Giulio Gallovich in Fuori Salone.
The creators, Costruttori di Dolcezze, show that as well as fashion, food can be Food Design, so not only to eat, but also to keep.
Then, where can we put the chocolate pill Chocopirin-A from Matteo Ragni?!

You will hear from him talking about the by night- events.

In the nights of Fuorisalone you can’t stay at home because Milan is full of events From 7 pm in 21,via Padova (Piazzale Loreto) there’s Loft 21 with Extra, with not only interesting aspects of creative young designers.
Then in Triennale Bovisa, Sos Design has organized events in the days after Fuorisalone with round tables, a shopping- exhibition and so on.

In 7,via Festa del Perdono – from 9 am to 00 am, from 13th to 18th and from 10 to 20 from the 19th to 25th of April.
In the same period, in Triennale (6,Viale Alemagna): out of the Museo, a tunnel covered by images and drawings in preview of the new Mini Countryman that lead the visitors to the room that host the car. 

Let’s continue to explore Fuorisalone and its environmentally friendly and funny design.
Talking about happy hour you can’t miss Bar Basso, historical bar from 1947 in 39,via Plinio.
In the place where the cocktail Negroni Sbagliato was invented, exhibitions and videos tell the history of this bar.

For the Exquisite events, the Superpremium vodka from Frank Gehry and about architecture and design Dezeem magazine online by Marcus Fairs. But also DjSet, exhibitions and a special-top secret cocktail. Every night until 19th April from 7.30 pm.Until 18th April, Elita Milano Design Week Music and Arts Festival, the show about culture and sound.
Saturday Night Casa 139 will host an indie event.
Don’t forget Teatro Parenti (closer to Triennale) and all its shows! 

So, we think there are many reasons to visit and live the Milanoincontemporanea. 


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