Dolce&Gabbana Party Milan 20.anni uomo.dolce&gabbana

Milan is ready for  Milan Man Fashion Week that will take place today until 3th June, 2010.

The most expected event is not a fashion show, but the party organized by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to celebrate their 20years from the first Dolce&Gabbana man collection.

For this evening, from 7pm to 9 pm, the two stylists have organized a party in Palazzo Marino and Piazza della Scala.

This event will involved all together showbiz VIPs, celebrities and citizens, proud to live in the fashion capital.

So, from today, at 7 pm, Palazzo Marino (Piazza della Scala), the town hall, will host the tribute show to celebrate 20 years of D&G man collections. Unpublished images will show the contents of the three books edited by Electa. From the 20th of June, the show will be open and free to everybody.

This will be a 360° story : in front of Palazzo Marino there will be multimedia installations that will throw never seen images and the party, with private cocktail and top secret scenography.

This won’t be a Red Carpet with an armored city, reserved only to VIPs. It will be a democratic and unique event, and everybody can participate.
In the downtown: the walk from Hotel de Milan, Via Santa Margherita and Via Manzoni , will offer you a cocktail with the same ingredient s used by Dolce&Gabbana in their most successful collections.

We are ready to make you know and live these events, and we invite you to participate in the next days of Milan Man Fashion Week.

You can’t miss it!


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