MilanoCard VS The Milan Pass, which is the best city pass for your Expo 2015 visit in Milan? Find out which helps you save the most money!

MilanoCard The Milan Pass Expo 2015

Few months ago we recommended 10 not so common places to visit in Milan during Expo 2015 (May 1st – October 31st).

Milan is a place full of beauties many Milanesi (it means inhabitants of Milan) still don’t know. Most of all, they don’t know there are special ways to travel around the city of fashion par excellence: their names are MilanoCard and The Milan Pass.

Let’s start from the first one



MilanoCard is the first and most complete card for tourist services in the city of Milan which offers free public transportation (once you have MilanoCard you don’t need to buy any public transportation ticket to travel within the city), free entry/huge discount to over 20 top Milan museums, restaurants & over 500 attractions and services at reduced price. According to us, for foreign visitors it is the best solution: valid for 24h or for 3 days (48 hours of transport and 3 days of benefits), with this card tourists can do – more or less – everything they want.

How to get it?
Buy the card online on the official website, pick it up at your arrival (airport or railway station), activate it on public transport automatical machine and show it at the affiliated services to use the specific benefit.

How much does it cost? € 6.50 (less than $ 8)for MilanoCard 24h; € 13.00 (less than $15) for MilanoCard 3 days; children under 10 years are free.

For Milano Expo 2015, moreover, there is a new offer that allows tourists to travel in other Italian beautiful art cities, such as Rome, Florence and Venice for 1 month, not to mention MilanoCard PASS (€ 30.00 – $ 34) and MilanoExpoCard (€ 33.00 – $ 37,5) and their new offers and services (discover more here)

Why you should get MilanoCard? It’s cheap and it offers many services to travel around the city of Milan:

– Free Public Transport (Metro, tram, buses, city-trains).
– Free Personal Driver for 2 rides
– Free or discounted access in more than 20 museums and 500+ dedicated services for shopping, football culture, taste, wellness and Family.
– Benefits also in Lombardy, Lakes region and Rome, Venice and Florence (as we said before)

€ 6.50 vs about € 200.00 (the total cost of the airport bus to railway station, public transport card, sightseeing tour, high speed train,…) is such a big money saving. Furthermore, you also have to factor the savings for your shopping and the discounted meals at participating restaurants! (see more here).

The Milan Pass

The Milan Pass

Another way to save time and money while visiting Milan is The Milan Pass, the 48-hour city card that offers the best of museums, attractions, city tours, transport, restaurants and shops across the city.
With just € 69,00 (about $ 78 – so, it is more expensive than MilanoCard) it includes:
– A nominative pass to obtain discounts from affiliates
– A book of vouchers to access offers at affiliated facilities for a total value of more than € 300
– A guidebook that helps you discover exclusive offers and plan itineraries tailored on your needs, plus lots of useful information to get around in the city offering a slew of museums, shops, restaurants, exhibitions…
– A map of the city complete with all the most useful indications
– An events calendar featuring the current month’s artistic and cultural appointments, plus all forms of entertainment

Fast track access to various museums and attractions? Here it is ( it will come very handy especially during the Expo period, which is going to be very crowded indeed)! Free entry or reduced price ticket to affiliated facilities? Here it is. More than benefits and discounts at shops, restaurants,… (Check on the website)

Moreover, many new offers are coming for Expo 2015!
How to get it? Find the best solution according to your stay and visit, and buy it on the website.

Did you try any of these cards? Share with us and our readers your experiences, both positive and negative, we’re looking forward to your reviews!

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